Background Verification Check

Background Verification and Reference Check

It is very important to have background verification for various purpose…

1. To know the past track record in terms of integrity and ability to work in team.
2. Verification of the facts furnished by the candidate.
3. Check and verify the skill set and technical competency mentioned by the candidate.

It has been observed in a research that more than 60% of the candidate at some stage of life misrepresent the facts. And that is why background verification is essential.

Background Verification Services comprises of …..

1. Academic Credentials Verification
2. Police Verification at Last Location where candidate has stayed
3. Verification with Previous / All Employers.
4. Background Verification with References indicated.

This service is provided as integral part of our job search or else it is also availed post recruitment services or pre hire services. This means that you may get the hiring done from Bright Future Consulting or some other sources we offer this services to you if required. You may chose this service in different modules as per your requirement.
Background Verification Proces
Documents required…

1. For Academic Background Verification :
a. Name of Degree
b. Name of College
c. Name of University
d. Year of Passing
e. Grades / CGPA/ Percentage
f. Any special claim (recipient of Gold medal / Rank holder)
g. Scanned copy of Mark sheet / Grade Report / Transcript
h. Scanned copy of Degree Certificate.

2. For Job experience verification:
a. Name of the Company
b. Address of the location where served.
c. Contact Details of HR (EMAIL AND Phone Number)
d. Contact Number of 1 colleague.

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